Trump’s Federal Tax Change Is Taking a Toll on Small Businesses

We just closed the tax filing period, and most residents of Rhode Island are feeling the pinch of the many adjustments made to federal tax laws on last year’s returns.Regrettably, most microbusiness owners are among those who ended up paying in the skies due to the new tax laws that set a limit on their credit for settling local and state taxes.

These financial constraints and tax burdens come at a time when microbusinesses are doing double duty to keep up with the competitive online market.It’s no wonder many Rhode Islanders are backing legislation (2019-H 5576) to allow entrepreneurs owning “pass-through” corporations with state and local taxes (SALT) that go over the new $10,000 limit to settle taxes in their income.

We saw Connecticut pass a similar law last year and it has led to a revenue-neutral situation that is benefitting the state.As of 1913, taxpayers have been paying all their state and local taxes from taxable income based on the SALT deduction.But President Trump’s Dec. 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act now caps the SALT deduction at $10,000 from 2018 to 2025.

For Rhode Islanders and most US taxpayers, these changes could add up to an exorbitant hike in tax liability.Rhode Island is one among the 19 states where SALT credit surpasses the new-fangled $10,000 cap.

This proposed law will enable pass-through companies like sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships and S corps, to settle state taxes on their income, rather than passing it over to their partners to lay claim on their personal income tax returns like it has been.

If enacted, the bill will also permit partners to take credit on their personal and business income tax returns to make sure that the company is taxed only once.Hence, it will provide a fair ground for small businesses because established C-corporations are usually comfortable deducting their SALT before settling federal income taxes.

Small businesses are the pillars of the economy, and they face too many challenges to have to put them through such a tax burden.In a nutshell, this is the only practical approach to help entrepreneurs get credit for the taxes they’ve been paying and avoid disrupting their businesses or forcing them to delay or reduce payroll, or even shut down.

This legislation intends to prevent Trump’s tax plan from extorting small businesses, in Rhode Island and other parts of the nation.


Residents are positive the bill will pass to become a law. If enacted, Rhode Islanders will see changes in the 2019 tax year.

Author bio:As the FAM account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using cash advances. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has made him finance expert at First American Merchant.


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Perfect Options for the News Options for You

If you are a Freelancer and you happen to express perplexity in front of terms that some of your colleagues use – or worse your customers – without understanding the core of the matter; if you need to “Googlare” too often in search of tutorials to understand how to use a specific tool for the layout of your graphic works and you don’t manage to deal with them; if, after they have commissioned you a job, you realize that it is too much for you, for what you know how to do and you are desperate. Then what you are about to read, dear freelance, will have to enlighten you. The importance of the General News is also immense there.

It happens to everyone not to be updated on something; it is more than normal; if the thing, however, appears a little too often then you have to ask yourself some questions.

What is going on out there? What don’t I know?

Don’t sin of presumption, don’t tell you things “Ah, but so much for me to understand these new things I don’t care, I don’t need it, it’s useless, it’s tiring, it costs too much” and so on.

Know that if you do so, you are slowly turning off the flame of your professionalism

  • Don’t get entangled in the four walls of your office: allow yourself the curiosity and the desire to understand what is happening in the “metaphorical” courtyard of your neighbor.
  • Today isolation and mental closure are definitely not competitive and distinctive elements in the labor market that requires always fresh figures of updates, with versatile but in-depth skills.
  • So, as much as you have studied during your university and school career in general, as much as you can feel yourself formed, you will never be enough.

Because if you push yourself a little further, if you put your nose out, you will notice that the world of communication, technology and social media is not immutable, far from it: new features in the programs, new terms – and consequently new ones professions – new social networks, new algorithms, new programs to do a certain thing (if you are a graph just take a look at the continuous updates and the new programs of Adobe’s Creative Suite) etc.

All this generates new professionalism:

Consequently it will determine who is inside or who is outside.We also think that if you love what you do, training is an obligation to yourself and to the protection of that love that binds us to our work: the profession must be nurtured and pampered, investments must be made in it not only in terms of hours (and if you are a freelance I know what it means to have no fixed timetable) but also personal: commitment, perseverance, curiosity, competence are the good things to provide to your business.